The Art of Lighting


DCLighting, Inc. is a professional lighting company founded by Darren Langer in 2005 specializing in events and Primetime Network Shows.

Emmy Nomination Lighting Desing Lighting Director

Emmy Nomination Lighting Desing Lighting Director

45th Annual Day Time Emmy Awards

With over two decades in the lighting field, DCLighting has the most well-rounded lighting background in the entertainment industry. Mr. Langer's extensive lighting design credits range from Reality Shows, Commercials, Feature Films, Sitcoms and Primetime Network Shows.

In 1993, at 18, I fell in love with the world of lighting in Hollywood. At the time, I knew nothing more than how to turn on my lights at home. I discovered, as I worked on various television and film projects, that lighting is magic. It can change the vibe and energy of an event and create any kind of mood be it dramatic, romantic, intimate or grand. As I continued to learn, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some of the most in-demand and respected lighting designers in Hollywood.


In the late 1990’s, after paying my dues, I began participating in the creative process in feature films and television shows. In the early 2000’s, the reality show circuit became the hottest thing. This was a new, different style of lighting. Creative lighting for interiors and exteriors of houses is like painting a picture for the screen. We were creating artificial moonlight, exterior landscape lighting, and intimate mood lighting for the interior space and architecture.

Since then, I have held the position of Chief Lighting for many seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. I enjoy doing the unique artistic lighting featured on it, including the wedding ceremonies.

The Wiz

In 2005 I started DCLighting, Inc. I created a company that is based on the Art of Lighting. In recent years other projects have included MTV Awards, Super Bowl Half-Time Shows, NBC's "The Wiz" Live and Entertainment Tonight.

With the experience of a career ranging from visual effects on Apollo 13 in 1995 to being a Lighting Director for the 2011 Emmy’s, I have learned many exceptional and creative lighting techniques.

The Wiz

Darren Langer, Owner

DCLighting, Inc.